6.9 Process Specific Page Components

LANSA Web functions allow you to customize some of the shipped page components to be process specific. The following components can be defined as process specific:

Whenever LANSA encounters a request for these components, it will search for a process specific version of the component. If the process specific component is found, it will automatically be used. If it cannot find a process specific component, it will then use the default component.

To create a process specific component, you must create a page Web component using the following naming convention:

   <process name>_STDHEADER

   <process name>_STDFOOTER

   <process name>_STDBANNER

where <process name> is the name of the LANSA process. For details of creating page Web components, refer to Page.

This approach in customizing the header, footer and banner components for your LANSA processes allow you to tailor individual processes, without having to edit any of the generated HTML. The customized headers and footers will be automatically used by LANSA Web functions, provided the components conform to the naming convention.


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