7.1 What are LANSA Tags?

LANSA Web functions have special tags which can be seen when editing the LANSA generated HTML. These tags are simply instructions to LANSA to perform certain tasks when creating the final version of the HTML page which will be transmitted to the client browser or other computing device.

LANSA tags are identified by a prefix of <RDML>. For example,


These tags are automatically embedded as part of the generated HTML documents. LANSA tags can also be manually added by the developer.

These tags are not related in any way to LANSA RDML commands used in functions. The word “RDML” was chosen because it is easily identified as being LANSA related.

Once the generated HTML is processed by LANSA Web, these LANSA tags are removed. The tags do not appear in the completed HTML page.

If you intend to create LANSA Web components, a good understanding of the LANSA tags is essential as they will allow you to exploit the power of LANSA Web for your Web Function Applications.

  WEB007 - LANSA Tags