7.3 LANSA Tags Example

Consider the following example of LANSA generated HTML for a Web function:


1.   <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">

2.   <header><title>Enrol Employee</title></header>

3.   <body bgcolor="white" background="<RDML MERGE="*LW3CLNTBKGND">">

4.   <form action="/CGI-BIN/WEBPAGE?FUNCTION+<RDML MERGE="&SESSION">" method="post">


6.   <center><h1><RDML MERGE="&FUNCTION"></h1></center>

7.   <br />


9.   <td><h3><RDML MERGE="EMPNO"></h3></td>

The LANSA tags include instructions for LANSA to:

It is important to remember that the tags only appear in the internal LANSA HTML documents. The following line of HTML:

<center><h1><RDML MERGE="&FUNCTION"></h1></center>

might appear as follows in the final HTML presented to the browser:

<center><h1>Enrol Employee<h1></center>

after the function name has been dynamically inserted into the HTML.


WEB007 - LANSA Tags