7.4 Using <RDML> and </RDML> Tags

The LANSA <RDML> tags can be used almost anywhere in your Web function HTML pages. For example:

<body background="<RDML MERGE="*LW3CLNTBKGND">">

will insert the background color (using the *LW3CNTBKGND graphic variable) into the HTML tag.

If you have a LANSA <RDML> tag which has an associated </RDML> end tag, then the </RDML> tag must be used in a separate line and it must not contain any other LANSA tags.

The following is an example of the proper syntax with the </RDML> on a separate line:


<input type="image" name="&CANCEL" src="<RDML MERGE="*LW3IMGHELP">" />


Do NOT use the following types of statements:


<input type="image" name="&CANCEL" src="<RDML MERGE="*LW3IMGHELP">" /></RDML>

As shown in the first example, you can include additional <RDML> tags within an <RDML> </RDML> pair, but you cannot embed an <RDML> tag within another tag.

Do NOT use the following type of statements:



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