These tags instruct LANSA to compare the current field value with the value of each option in the Visual Web component. If the values match, the HTML line is modified to make that particular option selected.

In addition, these tags also instruct LANSA to modify the name of the component accordingly – whether it is in a WEBEVENT function or used in a browse list.


For example, a drop down Visual Web component might include the following:


<select size="1" name="GENDER">

<option value="M">Male</option>

<option value="F">Female</option>



<RDML CHECKVALUE> is an instruction to LANSA to compare the current value of the field with the values indicated by the individual parts contained in the Visual Web component. If a matching value is found, LANSA modifies the HTML line to highlight the value selected.

In the above example, if the current value is “F”, LANSA will modify the line containing the value and insert the HTML attribute selected="selected" in the corresponding <option> element. When the browser displays this Web component, the “Female” entry in the drop down is selected automatically.