<RDML LAYOUT HEADER=”<header page>”>



This tag instructs LANSA to use a layout page. It looks for a process specific layout page, <process name>_LAYOUT. If it does not exist, the default layout page, DEFAULT_LAYOUT, is used.

This tag is generated by LANSA.

If you want to use a specific header page with a particular function, you will need to edit the HTML page for the Web function and extend this tag to include the HEADER attribute. In this case, <header page> is the name of the page containing the header information for the function.



In your LANSA Web functions, this tag will most often appear as follows:


<!-- Process  : IIPROC01   Test Process           -->

<!-- Function : IIFN001    Display Sections       -->

<!-- Page     : 001                               -->

Do NOT remove this tag. It was required by the discontinued e-Business Framework Wizard.

If you wish to use a specific header page, you can use the following tag:


where “header1” is the HTML page created with the Web Function Editor.