<RDML MERGE=”<field>” EDITCODEI=”<value>” EDITWORDI=”<value>” EDITCODEO=”<value>” EDITWORDO=”<value>”>



This tag instructs LANSA to merge specific fields or information into the document. The <field> can be:

  • A field defined in your Web function.
  • A system variable.
  • A LANSA Web function reserved keyword. (For a list of reserved keywords, refer to 7.22 Reserved Words). Field names prefixed by either the ‘@’ or ‘&’ character are reserved.

The EDITCODE and EDITWORD attributes are automatically inserted by LANSA based on the field definitions in the LANSA repository. If input mode, EDITCODEI and EDITWORDI will be used. If output mode, then EDITCODEO and EDITWORDO will be used. Do not change these parameters.



For example, to set the background image for the HTML page you could use the following:

<body background="<RDML MERGE="*LW3CLNTBKGND">">

To include the company LANSA system variable into an HTML heading, you would use:

<h1><RDML MERGE="*COMPANY"></h1>

To merge the field #EMPNO from your RDML function, you would use:


In multilingual applications, this token represents the description for a particular field:

<RDML MERGE="&T0001+0001+0034">

To include the function name using the &FUNCTION reserved word, you would use:


To include the workstation messages, you would use:


If there are any function keys which were not handled in the STDHEADER, this tag will cause them to be displayed as buttons on the Web page:


For details of using the MERGE tag for data apportionment, refer to Automatic Data Apportionment.