7.20 <RDML SSI>


<RDML SSI=”<state>”>



This tag is used to override the default setting for Server Side Includes (SSI) support as set by the LANSA Web Administrator.

The <state> can be either ON or OFF.

The main use of this tag is to enable SSI support at a function level. This is especially useful if you only require SSI support in a number of your functions.



If you want to use this tag, it must precede the <RDML LAYOUT> tag in the page.




<!-- Process  : PCTEST   P.C. Test       -->

<!-- Function : TESTFUN  Test Function   -->

<!-- Page     : 001                     -->

An example of a SSI instruction to launch a LANSA application is:

<!--#exec cgi="CGI-BIN/LANSAWEB?procfun+products+prodcat+web" -->

An example of an SSI instruction to include a static page is:

<!--#include virtual="/prdinfo.shtml" -->