8.1 What are Graphic Variables?

LANSA Web uses special variables to store HTML settings so that you do not need to hard code information into your generated Web Function pages. These variables hold values for commonly used options like company logo or background images.

Graphic variables can store a wide range of settings for the HTML pages generated. By storing information in graphic variables, it makes HTML dynamic and easy to maintain. The values associated with graphic variables can be changed dynamically without having to either edit the HTML or recompile the function.

Developers can define their own graphic variables and use them in their LANSA HTML pages. The Web Function Editor is used to define graphic variables.

Graphic variables are used with the <RDML MERGE> tag. Refer to <RDML MERGE> for details of the LANSA tags.

LANSA uses system variables to store the graphic variables. Consequently, LANSA Web graphic variables exist at the LANSA system level. If you add or change a graphic variable, it can be used in all LANSA partitions.