8.2 Why Use Graphic Variables?

Imagine defining a background image which you want to include in your HTML Web Function pages. In each of the HTML documents you could code the following:

<body background="lansa.gif">

Now imagine that you wish to change the background to a new image file. You would manually have to edit each Web Function page to make the change.

However, using a LANSA Web graphic variable and the LANSA RDML tags, you can make this change without editing any HTML documents. The LANSA Web Function application can include the following HTML statement in each of the LANSA documents:

<body background="<RDML MERGE="*LW3CLNTBKGND">">

where *LW3CLNTBKGND is set to “image.gif” to start.

To change to a new background, you simply change the value of *LW3CLNTBKGND to “newimage.gif”. Immediately, all pages served will have the new background. No other changes are needed. You do not need to recompile any Web functions. You do not need to edit the HTML.


WEB006 - Graphic Variables