8.5 Process Level Graphic Variables

LANSA Web allows you to customize the graphic variables used for a specific process and its functions. For example, you can customize the background image used by the MYPROC process by creating a *LW3PBGI_MYPROC graphic variable. This variable will be used instead of the *LW3CLNTBKGND variable.

Process Customization

Default Graphic Variable

Specific Graphic Variable



*LW3PBGI_<process name>

Background image for the Client (body) area.

A default image is provided by LANSA Web.

LANSA Web allows you to either set the background image or the background color (LW3CLNTCOLOR). If both variables are set, the background image takes precedence.


*LW3PBGC_<process name>

Default background color for the Client area. If no value is associated with the client background (*LW3CLNKBKGND), the value associated with this variable will be used to set the background color.

The background image takes precedence over the background color setting.


*LW3PMSI_<process name>

Image used for the menu items in the process menu.


*LW3PMSP_<process name>

Image for menu separator.


*LW3RMBG_<process name>

Color setting for the Right Menu component.




To have a Default Background image (*LW3CLNTBKGND) and use a specific background color for a process, you could define the background image for this process to be empty (*LW3PBGL).