9.2.1 Banner

A banner Web component allows you to insert advertisement banners into your Web function applications. Banners are a collection of images that are displayed one at a time. These images have an associated URL, usually the URL of the supplier of the advertisement.

A banner Web component allows you to define a banner once and to embed the advertisement into any of your applications. A number of the layouts in the e-Business Framework use a standard banner component, STDBANNER, in its schema.

LANSA Web takes care of the cycling of the images associated with the banner. The images of the banner have an associated sequence number. LANSA Web will cycle through the images in the banner Web component sequentially.

The banner Web component can be composed of other Web components. This allows you to dynamically change the layout of your pages, if you require such functionality.

The banner Web component is defined completely within LANSA Web, that is, you do not have to define any HTML to use this component.

When defining the banner Web component as a list of Web components, the Web components can consist of any type of Web components. For example, you could create a banner Web component that consists of a Visual drop down Web component, check box Web component, and radio button Web component. In addition, the banner Web component can embed another banner Web component. This allows you to customize the presentation of your data. A banner Web component can be embedded into any HTML page in your application.

For details about creating banner components, refer to Banner Component (HTML mode).


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