9.2.2 Text

A text Web component allows you to embed a piece of text into your Web function application. The text could be an HTML string or any other text. The text component is very similar to the text graphic variable, but the text component has the advantage of being defined at the partition level instead of the system level.

Using a text component allows you to define a string that can be manipulated without having to edit HTML pages or recompile functions. For example, you could create a text component called NEXTUPDATE. This variable could be used to display the date that you plan to do your next update on your pages. You might include this component in the STDFOOTER. The text component might have the following value:

<strong>Next update of these pages will be 2001-12-31.</strong>

Using the NEXTUPDATE component, you can change the date of your next update on all you Web pages with editing any HTML.

The length of the text is limited to 255 characters and the text entered may include HTML tags.
Note: RDML tags as part of the text are not resolved.

For details about creating text components, refer to Text Component.


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