9.2.4 Page

Page Web components are the most common type of component used by Web Function applications. A page Web component can be any block of HTML that you wish to re-use or make independent of the RDML function. Once the HTML is contained in a page component, it can be altered without requiring the Web function to be recompiled. Page Web components are useful if you want to embed some standard HTML into one or more of your applications.

The HTML of the component, is created by editing and saving a file, using the Web Function Editor. The saved file can then be registered as a Page Web component.

For example, the STDHEADER is a Page Web component. Notice that your page can use LANSA tags and can even include LANSA components. (Be sure that the components are not called recursively!)

For details about creating page Web components, refer to 9.2.6 Naming Page and Script Web Components.


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