9.1.3 Web Component Example

Typically, an HTML page generated by LANSA consists of a number of Web components. The STDHEADER and STDFOOTER pages are regarded as LANSA Web components. These Web components are embedded into every function generated by LANSA. The STDHEADER includes a company logo and set of pushbuttons.

Web component technology allows you to modify an individual Web component without having to modify every application which requires the Web component. For example, you can modify the STDHEADER page and the changes will be reflected in every application which uses the STDHEADER Web component.

Once the change is made to the STDHEADER, it is immediately available to be used in all your HTML pages. RDML functions do not need to be recompiled. HTML pages do not need to be edited. It is a very fast and easy way of maintaining your Web Function applications.

For more details, refer to Standard HTML Page Components.


WEB005 - LANSA Process Pages and WEB008 - Web Components