9.3 Generated Web Components

Unlike the 9.2 Manually Defined Web Components, generated Web components have their definitions automatically created by LANSA Web. For example, LANSA Web can automatically generate all of the HTML code required for a visual drop down Web component.

LANSA Web has the following types of generated Web components for use with Web functions:

9.3.1 Visual Web Component

9.3.4 File Web Component

The main difference between a Visual Web component and a File Web component is that a Visual Web component is created as an HTML page in the LANSA internal database, while the File Web component is created in a library or directory on the Application/Data Server.

You may also wish to review the following:

9.3.2 Creating Visual Web Components

9.3.3 Using Triggers to Generate Visual Web Components.

It is important to note that the Visual and File Web components can also be created manually.


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