10.2.4 Save

The Save command will save the current Page to the Application/Data Server. The time to save the file will depend upon the size of the document and the connection to the server. The cursor will change to an hour glass and the save status is displayed on the status bar. Do not execute the application until the document save has completed.

If the current page is untitled, you will be prompted to provide a name and description for the page (please refer to the following section: 10.2.5 Save As for HTML pages.

You can only save changes if you are editing the version 0 page. You must use the Save As option if you are editing an archived page (version 1 through 10).

If you have configured the Editor options to Enable archive functionality when saving, you will be asked if you wish to archive previous versions of the file before it is saved. For more details, refer to the Miscellaneous option of the 10.7.1 Configure command.

For more details about versions, refer to Versioning of Pages in LANSA Generated HTML Pages.

If you lose your connection to the Application/Data Server while saving or before saving, you should copy the document contents to another file on your PC. Simply open another editor (such as NOTEPAD.EXE) and cut and paste the text to this editor. Once you have reconnected to the server, open the file you were saving. Cut and paste the text back into the Web Function Editor and try saving again.