12. Web Development Tips & Techniques

Following are some general Web development tips and techniques for building your Web Function Applications:

12.1 HTML as Field Contents

12.2 Automatic Data Apportionment

12.3 Considerations for Browse Lists

12.4 Message Presentation Layout

12.5 Using <RDML MERGE="&END">

12.6 Cascading Style Sheets

12.7 Retrieve Additional Information from Browse List

12.8 Handle the ENTER key in Browsers

12.9 Embed a Calendar Control

12.10 Modify LANSA Messages

12.11 Set the Initial Focus in an HTML Page

12.12 Tailoring the DEFAULT_SCRIPT

12.13 Generate Static Page Output to the IFS (Integrated File System)

12.14 Integrate LANSA Applications with Static HTML Pages

12.15 CheckBox Visual Web Components

12.16 Extend LANSA Drop Downs

12.17 Modifying charset for non-English Systems

It is strongly recommended that you review the Web and Internet examples in the LANSA SET (Samples Examples Templates) materials. These materials are available on the LANSA Encyclopedia CD-ROM and the www.lansa.com Web site. You might find the following types of samples and examples: