12.4 Message Presentation Layout

LANSA allows you to customize the presentation of LANSA messages in your application. By default, the LANSA messages are presented in a list box style.

The Message Presentation layout standard page is only supported at the process level. It is not supported at the function level.

You can override the format of the message presentation by using the standard page feature. This is achieved by creating a standard page named as DEFAULT_MSGPRES. In this standard page, you can define your own message presentation layout. If this page is defined, LANSA will use layout defined in this page to present the LANSA messages instead of the default format (using a list box).

The DEFAULT_MSGPRES standard page is not shipped with the product. This standard page is a facility that allows you to override the default message presentation format.

An example of a DEFAULT_MSGPRES is shown below. This replaces the list box format with a list of messages:

<table border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" width="100%">

<tr bgcolor="cyan">

<td><img src="<RDML MERGE="*LW3IMGMESSAGES">" alt="Messages" border="0" /></td>


<li><b><RDML MESSAGES></b></li>




LANSA Web functions use a LANSA tag, <RDML MESSAGES> to determine the position in the message presentation standard page to display the LANSA messages. The line containing this tag will be repeated for each LANSA message in your application.

In your message presentation standard page, you can embed LANSA tags. The only restriction is that the line containing the <RDML MESSAGES> tag must not contain any other LANSA tags.

When you run your LANSA Web enabled application, LANSA will determine if there are any messages to display in your application. If there are messages, it will check if there is a message presentation standard page. If such a page exists, this page will be used to define the format of the message presentation. If it does not exist, the default message presentation format will be used.