12.5 Using <RDML MERGE="&END">

This tag allows the LWEB_JOB jobs to return to the pool of free jobs immediately.

Under normal behavior, all LANSA jobs time out, whether they are the traditional procedural style or WEBEVENT functions. When the jobs time out, the user gets a 'Job Timed Out' message for the traditional procedural RDML functions.

For WEBEVENT functions, LANSA manages the data exchange (especially browse list data) and restarting of a new job automatically on subsequent interactions. The user does not see a 'Job Timed Out' message.

For WEBEVENT functions, LANSA terminates as soon as a DISPLAY or REQUEST command is processed. However, the LWEB_JOB is still reserved for the user in case the user wants to interact further. The WEBEVENT job is not returned to the pool of free jobs immediately, not until the job is timed out (using the time out setting on your site).

The <RDML MERGE="&END"> tag is used with applications with high transaction rates. Typically, these are functions that display search results. Once the results are displayed, no further interaction with the function is expected from the user.

LANSA does not save any data for these jobs. This means that no browse list data is saved. If you include this tag in your HTML, DO NOT expect browse list data or any of the HTTP environment variables (e.g. *WEBUSER) to be exchanged between this function and any subsequent function calls.

In summary, this tag should only be used for functions where you're absolutely sure that there is no further interaction with the function or you're not relying on the HTTP environment variables or the browse list does not need to be exchanged.