Step 3. Edit the HTML Page for iiiFN05

In this step, you will locate and open the HTML page of function iiiFN05 which was created in WEB002 - Coding a WEBEVENT Functions.

1.  Locate and open the iiiPR0C03 iiiFN05001 page which will have the HTML for the REQUEST panel from your WEBEVENT function.

     Reminder: The RDML code in your iiiFN05 function might appear something like this:




 An HTML page will be downloaded from the LANSA Application/Data Server to your Web Function Editor. This is the LANSA internal HTML which includes LANSA tags, components, graphic variables, etc.

2.  You will make two simple changes to this file. (These changes are being made to show how a new version of HTML will be created when you save the document, and when you recompile the function. The image file used in this step is shipped with LANSA.)

     Insert the bolded lines which will simply add an image and some text to the page:



<!-- Process  : IIIPROC03   WEBEVENT Functions                      -->

<!-- Function : IIIFN005    Request Department for Search           -->

<!-- Page     : 001                                                -->


<!-- Generated by    - LANSA                                       -->

<!-- Created by user - xxxxxxxxxx                                  -->

<!-- Time and Date   - 000000000000                                -->


<!-- RDML function sequence number - 0003                          -->


<!-- This is a *WEBEVENT function                                  -->


<form method="post" name="LANSA"







<center><h1><RDML MERGE="&FUNCTION"></h1></center>


<br />



<br /><img src="/IMAGES/LANSA.GIF" alt="Logo" /><br />


<basefont size="" />

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="3">






<td><strong><RDML MERGE="@T0001+0001+0020"></strong></td>

<td><input name="ADEPTMENT " type="text" size="004" maxlength="004"


onfocus="SetNameLocation('ADEPTMENT ',03,29)" /></td>






<br />

Enter a Department Code to see a listing of all Sections.

<br />


<br />









3.  Save the file.

     A message box will appear to ask you if you wish to archive the previous version of the HTML page. Press the Yes button so that the original version of the HTML page will be saved as Version 1. The current version is always Version 0.

4.  Use your browser to execute function iiiFN05 to view your changes.

     Notice that you have not recompiled your function.