Step 4. Modify and Recompile Function iiiFN05

In this step, you will modify the RDML in function iiiFN05 and recompile the function so that a new version of the HTML page is created. The changes made in Step 3 will allow you to use the Compare and Contrast features in the Editor.

1.  Working with the iiiFN05 function in process iiiPRCO03, use the LANSA RDML Editor to view the RDML code in the function.

2.  Manually edit the RDML code to add the #STD_DATE field to the REQUEST statement. (You will not use the #STD_DATE field in this exercise. This step will simply highlight how your RDML changes are identified in the new HTML page.) Your RDML statement should appear as follows:




3.  Save the changes to the function and exit the RDML Editor.

4.  Submit your iiiFN05 function for recompile. This step will cause the HTML page to be recreated.

     Reminder: The current page is always Version 0. The previous HTML page, which includes the manual changes you have just made, will be saved as Version 1. The very first page created will now be Version 2. For more details, refer to Versioning of Pages.