Important Observations

  • There is no DEFAULT_MSGPRES page shipped with LANSA.
  • The STDHEADER and STDFOOTER are Web Page components. These must be registered as components before they can be used.
  • The DEFAULT_SCRIPT is a process specific page. It does not have to be registered, as it is not a component.
  • Tips & Techniques

  • Creating process specific pages allows you to customize your functions in a specific process. You should not modify the DEFAULT pages unless the change applies to all functions in the partition.
  • All process specific pages will be automatically exported with the process definition. These pages do not need to be registered as Web Page components.
  • Conditional LANSA RDML tags can be used to control the amount of text being sent to the browser. The DEFAULT_SCRIPT uses these tags only to send the required script functions.
  • What I Should Know

  • How to use process specific pages and page components.
  • How to customize the message presentation for functions.
  • How to use the default JavaScript and calendar control function.
  • Other Tutorials

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