Step 2. Add LANSA Tags to iiiFN05001 HTML Page

In this step, you will use the RDML BUTTON and RDML ONCONDITION tags to show you how they control the presentation of the HTML.

1.  Using the Web Function Editor to edit the iiiPROC03 iiiFN05001 page, add the following NOTCONDITION tag around the text shown. (This text was added in Tutorial 4. If it is not present, simply add all 3 lines to your page.) Your text should appear as follows:


     Enter a Department Code to see a listing of all Sections.



     The NOTCONDITION tag will check if the DEPTMENT is blank. When it is blank, it will use the HTML text within the NOTCONDITION tag.

2.  Directly following this text, add an RDML BUTTON tag to display some text depending upon the buttons which are enabled. Your text should appear as follows:


     This text will not be displayed since Add button is not enabled.



3.  Save the document.