Step 3. Create a Text Web Component

In this step, you will create a simple Text Web component which will indicate when the Web pages will be updated next. By using a Web component, you can centralize the definition so that only a single change needs to be made to your application.

1.  Use the Components menu category and select the Maintain option. A list of all components in the partition will be displayed.

2.  Press the Add button to define a new component as follows:







3.  Press the Continue button and then enter the following details:


Next Update


<br /><center><strong>Pages will be updated on January 1, 2002.</strong></center>


Not Applicable



     This component is created with a Not Applicable mode because it will be used in the footer. It is not used in a REQUEST or DISPLAY.

4.  Close the Component window.

5.  Open the iiiPROC03_STDFOOTER page. At the bottom of the document, add a LANSA tag to embed the component as follows:



     Note: The component names are case sensitive so be careful to use the correct spelling of the component .

     Tip: You can use the Tags menu category and select the RDML - Component... option if you wish to see a list of components.

6.  Execute your iiiFN05 or iiiFN07 function to see the new information in the footer of the function.

7.  Change the iiiUPDATE component so that the text reads as follows:

<br /><center><strong>Pages will be updated on December 31, 2002.</strong></center>


8.  Test your function again. The change is made immediately. No HTML editing or function recompiling was required.