Step 6. Create a Web Link Component 

In this step, you will use a Web link component to control the flow between WEBEVENT functions. You will add an image to act as a link between iiiFN05 and iiiFN06. This step will also demonstrate how you can embed components within components.

1.  Create a new component as follows:




Web Link



     Press the Continue button and enter:


Link to iiiFN06

Linked Process:


Linked Function:


Linked Description:

Next Function







     In order to add this component to your function, you will need to use an RDML COMPONENT tag. If you manually edit the HTML, your changes will be overwritten when you recompile the function. Instead, you will add the iiiWEBLINK component to an existing component.

2.  Using the Web Function Editor, open the iiiCOMP page you created for the Calendar button.

     Add the bolded line to your HTML so that it appears as follows:

<a href=".././index.htm" target="_blank"="/IMAGES/TB_CAL.GIF" alt="Calendar" border="0" width="70" height="21" hspace="0" vspace="0" align="left" /></a>



3.  Save the document.

     You have now embedded the iiiWEBLINK component into the iiiCOMP. When iiiCOMP is embedded into the HTML page, it will also embed the iiiWEBLINK component.

4.  Test your iiiFN05 function. (You do not need to recompile the function.) You should see a Next button beside your Calendar button. Try using this button instead of the Search button.