Important Observations

  • The contents or data used for a Visual Web component will be determined when the component is created. The Department Code drop down lists all departments in the DEPTAB file when the component was created.
  • The text in components may contain HTML tags.
  • Component can be embedded into components provided that there is no recursive embedding.
  • Modes are very important to Web components especially when a component is embedded automatically by LANSA.
  • In this tutorial, two fields were used for Web component substitution: iiiDEPT and iiiCOMP. iiiDEPT was created in the LANSA Repository but iiiCOMP was defined in the RDML function. It is strongly recommended that all field used in REQUEST or DISPLAY statements be created in the LANSA Repository so that a common field definition is used when data is automatically exchanged by LANSA. The iiiCOMP field was created to demonstrate the use of hidden fields for Web component substitution. These fields will never contain data. iiiCOMP is only used for embedding a Web component.
  • Tips & Techniques

  • Text Web components are very similar to text graphic variables. The main difference is that the graphic variables are defined at the system level. Web components are defined at the partition level.
  • Remember, component names are case sensitive.
  • Using a hidden field to automatically embed a component eliminates the need to manually add components to your HTML pages.
  • Embedding Web components into other Web components is a very powerful development technique, but be very careful that you do not recursively embed components.
  • For more examples of Web components, refer to the SET Collection.
  • What I Should Know

  • How to create Visual Web components.
  • How to create Text, Banner, Web Link and Page Web components.
  • How are modes used by Web components.
  • How LANSA embeds components into HTML pages.
  • How to embed Web components into other Web components.
  • Other Tutorials

    You are now ready to complete WEB009 - Web Page Substitution (Optional - Advanced). This tutorial is optional.