Scrolling Header

The scrolling header style embeds the STDHEADER component into the HTML generated for the function. The buttons in the component are part of the HTML displayed in your browser. This means that as you use the scroll bars in your browser, you are scrolling through the body of the function, which includes the buttons in your STDHEADER component.

In HTML terminology, your buttons and the body of the function are displayed within the single frame.

This style is not user friendly as your STDHEADER component is usually at the top of the page. If your HTML page displays many fields, the buttons of your function may not be visible if you have scrolled down through the body of your function.

For functions with large display, it would be ideal if you could have the buttons displayed in a static frame and the body of the function in a separate frame. These are the features provided by the non-scrolling style.

To comply with the XHTML 1.0 transitional document type definition, LANSA uses JavaScript functions. JavaScript support must be enabled in your browser.