Override Header Style

The setting Use Non Scrolling Header in the Web Functions tab of the LANSA Administrator applies to all your functions. However, you can override this setting for specific LANSA processes. This allows you to have a combination of scrolling and non-scrolling header styles in your applications.

If you want to override the system setting for a particular LANSA process, you create an HTML page following the naming convention:


where <process> is the name of your LANSA process.

This style-override page only contains a single character, either a ‘Y’ or ‘N’. A ‘Y’ character indicates that you want the non-scrolling header style enabled for the <process> process. A ‘N’ character indicates that you do no want the non-scrolling style enabled for the process.

Do not embed any comments at the start of this page. The first character in the page is used to determine the override.


LANSA will check if a style override page exists for the process. If it exists, it will be used to determine which header style to use in the function. It the page does not exist, LANSA will check the option set in the LANSA Administrator.

If the setting in your style override page is different from the global setting in the LANSA Administrator, you must ensure that there is a corresponding <process>_STDHEADER component that is compatible with the style. Otherwise, your application may not work properly.