3. Executing LANSA Web Function Applications

LANSA Web Function Applications are generally hosted from your corporate Web site. In order to set up your Web site and execute your LANSA Web Function Applications, you should review the following:

3.1 No Existing Web Site

3.2 Integrating with an Existing Web Site

3.3 Before You Deploy Your Applications

3.4 Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Syntax

3.5 Calling a LANSA Process

3.6 Calling a LANSA Function Directly

3.7 Passing Parameters to a LANSA Function

3.9 Debugging using IBM i Batch Debug

3.10 Debugging using Visual LANSA

3.11 Invoking the IBM i Spooled File Facilities

3.12 Event Logging

3.13 Enabling Event Logging

3.14 Logging User Defined Fields