3.1 No Existing Web Site

If you do not have an existing Web site, you will need to obtain a registered Internet domain name and an Internet Protocol (IP) address for your site. These can be arranged with any Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your ISP will be able to advise you on the best way of attaching your Web Server on the Internet.

Once you have attached your Web Server on the Internet and have set up your Web site, you will need to have a home page for your Web site.

To create your own home page, you can use a number of Web tools such as Microsoft Front Page. Your home page can be created using a simple text editor to enter your HTML.

Once you have a home page created, save the file as INDEX.HTM. (If you have changed the name of the index page in the Web Server configuration, this file should be saved to the new name instead. By default, the Web Server will use the INDEX.HTM page.)

Copy the INDEX.HTM file to the home directory of your Web Server.

After you have set up your Web site and the home page, you can then deploy your Web enabled LANSA applications on the Internet by following the instructions in 3.2 Integrating with an Existing Web Site.