3.4 Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Syntax

Uniform Resource Locators provide a standard method of identifying resources that are available using Internet protocols. LANSA Web uses URLs to launch your LANSA Web Function Applications.

It is recommended that you create an HTML page that contains the URLs of all your LANSA applications. This page can also be used as the Home Page of your Web site.

The URL to call your LANSA applications involve invoking the LANSAWEB or LANSAXML program, with appropriate parameters. By default, the LANSAWEB/LANSAXML program resides in the CGI-BIN library defined in your Web Server.

The URL syntax to call your Web-enabled  HTML application is:



<web_server> is the name of your Web Server, as registered to a Domain Name Server(DNS);

<port> is the port identifier defined for your LANSA system. This parameter is optional if your LANSA system is assigned the default port 80;

<parameters> is a list of parameters passed to the LANSAWEB/LANSAXML program. (Refer to 3.5 Calling a LANSA Process, 3.6 Calling a LANSA Function Directly and 3.7 Passing Parameters to a LANSA Function.)