3.5 Calling a LANSA Process

You can link a call to a LANSA process using the following parameters in your call to the LANSAWEB program.



PROCESS (can be in lower-case) is the keyword instruction to LANSA to execute a LANSA process;

<process_name> is the name of the LANSA process you want to execute;

<partition> is the LANSA partition. This parameter is optional. If this parameter is not specified, the default LANSA partition will be used;

<language> is the partition language you wish to use. This parameter is also optional. If a partition language is not specified, the default partition language will be used.

If you use the <language> parameter, the <partition> parameter must also be specified, otherwise, the <language> parameter is assumed to be the <partition> parameter.

Note that each parameter is delimited by the plus (+) character as in this example:



As an example, to create a link to a web system showing a process named MYPROC, your URL might appear as follows:



To execute an alternative link to the Personnel Demonstration, using the process specifically designed as a WEB interface, your URL might appear like this:



To call a LANSA function directly, refer to 3.6 Calling a LANSA Function Directly.