3.7 Passing Parameters to a LANSA Function

You can pass parameters to a LANSA function that is executed directly.

If you want to pass parameters to a LANSA function, you would extend the URL of calling a LANSA function directly to include:


The keyword, FUNCPARMS (can be in lower-case), is used to indicate that the rest of the URL are the parameters to the function. Each parameter must follow the syntax:




is the name of the field to receive the parameter


is the field type (A for alphanumeric, P for packed and S for signed, L for lowercase alpha fields)


is the length of the field value with leading zeros


is the number of decimal positions


is the value of the parameter.

For example, if you wanted to pass a value of ‘A0001’ to the EMPNO field, the syntax of the parameter would be:


Your final URL might appear as follows:



Note that the length of the field includes leading zeros and the delimiting character used is the colon (:) character.

If the value of the parameter includes embedded blanks, you must surround the value with double quote (“) characters.

You are allowed to specify up to 20 function parameters in a URL.

For a method of passing parameters, you may also wish to refer to HTTP Header Variables in the Web Administration Guide.