3.12 Event Logging

LANSA provides support for event logging. Event logging is also commonly known as ‘click tracking’. Event logging allows you to track the navigation of the users of your Web Function Applications. It creates a log record for every page served up by LANSA. The information from the event logger can help you answer typical questions like:

LANSA also allows you to trace user defined data as well as system data. The data traced can be easily queried for data mining purposes.

You can trace two levels of information – summary information and detailed information. The summary information provides information about:

The summary information is stored in a LANSA table, DC@W26.

The detailed information provides information about each page accessed, including:

The detailed information is stored in a LANSA table, DC@W27.

To remove recorded event logging entries in these files on the IBM i, call the Cleanup program as follows:



<WEBPGMLIB> is your lansa web program library

<DATE> is the date in YYYYMMDD format