File Component

If you are adding or changing a File Web component, the Add/Change File Component dialog box, as appropriate, will be displayed. If you are creating a number of File Components, you can use the Duplicate feature.


Describes the component in the Web Component Registry.

File and Library

The file definitions are specified in these entry fields. LANSA does not validate the existence of the file on the host. The file will not be created by LANSA. You must create the file.

The file is treated by LANSA as a data stream file. LANSA does not validate the content of the file. However, LANSA tags can be embedded in the file.

If you are connected to a host type Other then the Library entry field will be disabled and the File entry field will allow for a full path filename.

For the IBM i files, if a library is not specified, the library list of the user profile at execution time will be used by LANSA to locate the file.


You can choose to define the Web component as a mode dependent Web component by selecting the appropriate mode. For more details, refer to Web Components and Modes in the Web Function Guide.