Add/Change Banner Component

When you select the OK button, the Add or Change Banner Component dialog box, as appropriate, is displayed. If you are creating a number of Banner Components, you can use the Duplicate feature.

The Banner type you have chosen is displayed in the top right corner of the box. You can work with either a set of images or a set of components. You use the Add, Change or Delete to modify the definition of the banner Web component.


The description of the Web component in the Web Component Registry.

Display link in new window

If this option is selected, it will open the URL / Link on a particular banner image in a new browser window. By Default, the URL / Link on a banner image will open in the current browser window.

Update frequency

Select the appropriate frequency in the list. Additional options will be requested, depending on the frequency selected.

Banner Items

If you are using multiple banner images in a cycle, the images in the cycle are shown in the Banner Items list in the dialog box.

Make Current

In the list of images, the image that is current is indicated by a tick in the Set column.

To make a different image the current image, select the image you wish to make current, right mouse click to bring up the popup window and choose the Make Current command. This image will be the current image the next time the Banner Web component is called.

Press the Add... or Change button to provide further details.