This page allows you to control the Most Recently Used list in the File menu.

Items in MRU list

Enter the number of items, in the range 0 to 10, that you would like retained for listing in the File menu.

Clear MRU List

Press this button to clear the current Most Recently Used list.

Max. Undo Actions

Specify the number of actions you wish to retain so that you can undo them if necessary. To undo actions, select Undo from the Edit menu.

Note that the higher the number you enter here, the more system resources that will be used.

Enable archive functionality when saving

This option will only be enabled if the Administrator options have been set:
Enable automatic backup of generated HTML
the Save previous copies is greater than zero.

If the box is checked, you will be asked if you wish to archive the previous version of the file whenever a document is saved. If you answer Yes when prompted, LANSA will save the original version of the document as Version 1. For more details, refer to Versioning of Pages.