5.7 LANSA Field Names in HTML Pages

When you review the HTML generated for your LANSA Web functions, you may notice that your LANSA field names have a one character prefix added to each field name. The LANSA generated HTML uses the following specific field naming conventions:

A<field name> = Alphanumeric fields

P<field name> = Packed numeric fields

S<field name> = Signed numeric fields

L<field name> = Lowercase alpha fields.

For example, if your RDML contains a field #NAME, where #NAME is an alphanumeric field, then you will see a field name ANAME used in your HTML page. If field #COUNT is packed, then you will see PCOUNT.

If you customize your HTML page, you must use this naming convention.

This field naming convention allows LANSA to overcome some of the limitations of HTML and the browser where there is no designation of field types. The HTML page and the browser do not know the difference in the type of field. This naming convention is only used by LANSA.