<RDML INCLUDE=”<field name>”>


This tag can be used to include the contents of a physical file into the HTML output. The filename of the file to be included is given by the value of the field specified. This can be used as an alternative to the SSI #include instruction.

The filename given must be a full absolute path valid for the underlying operating system. On IBM i, the filename must be valid for the IFS.

The content of the file to be included should be in native encoding of the underlying operating system, for example, on IBM i, the file is normally encoded in EBCDIC.

Note that the user profile used to run LANSA Web needs to have sufficient privileges to read the file to be included.

If the file to be included does not exist or cannot be read, the message “404 Object Not Found” will be included instead.


For example, on IBM i, if a field named INCFILE contains the value “/temp/inc.html” and for the following HTML:

Some text before include<br />


Other text after include<br />


The content of the file “/temp/inc.html” on the IFS will be included between the two text only lines.

On Windows, the field should contain a value like “C:\Temp\inc.html”.