WEB012 - Dynamic Components


  • In this exercise, you will use the login field to add a dynamic component to your function. The dynamic component is determined by the value of a field instead of being coded into the HTML page. In this example, the data entered in the login field will be used to determine the component. This technique allows you to personalize the site based on the user login.
  • To demonstrate how to include a page component using &FLD_<field name>, which uses the value of the field as your component name instead of the field name.
  • To demonstrate how to use components so that HTML changes are not lost when a function is re-compiled.
  • To achieve these objectives, you must complete the following:

  • Step 1. Create a New Page Component
  • Step 2. Modify iiiPROC03_STDHEADER
  • Step 3. Test Your Function
  • Summary