WEB013 - JavaScript and Browse Lists

To achieve the results shown in this tutorial, you will need ten graphic files as described in step 5 of the IBM i Installation Steps in Tutorials for Web Functions & WEBEVENTs.

If you do not have these files or if they are not specified in the PSLMST file, you will simply see a box with an X, instead of a picture.


  • In this exercise, you will modify the Display Sections inquiry function to allow the user to display a list of all employees in a selected Department and Section. You will allow the user to select a specific Department and Section (a row in the browse list) to call a Employee List function. The Employee List function will include an employee picture (in place of the PHONEBUS field).  This image will also be turned into a link, that will open a new browser window containing the details for the selected employee.
  • To create a new JavaScript function which will pass parameters from the browse list to the HandleEvent function.
  • To demonstrate the use of JavaScript to pass function parameters.
  • To demonstrate the ability to select a row in a browse list.
  • To demonstrate how to call a LANSA function and pass parameters or funcparms.
  • To create an Employee Details function using the Web page substitution techniques used in exercise WEB09.
  • To achieve these objectives, you must complete the following:

  • Step 1. Create Fields to be used as Function Parameters
  • Step 2. Create iiiFN11 Employee List
  • Step 3. Edit Process Level _SCRIPT
  • Step 4. Create a Link Component
  • Step 5. Modify Function iiiFN07
  • Step 6. Test Changes
  • Step 7. Include New Component Link into Employee Browse List
  • Step 8. Build Function iiiFN12 Employee Details
  • Step 9. Test Your New Functions
  • Step 10. Execute function iiiFN12 from a Command Line (Optional)
  • Step 11. Create Page Component for Function iiiFN12 (Optional)
  • Step 12. Test Changes (Optional)
  • Summary