WEB014 - Browse Lists


  • In this exercise, you will learn how to customize the browse list used in the Employee List function. In the Web page substitution exercises, you learned how to protect your HTML by using Web page components. Using similar techniques, you can learn how to customize the presentation of browse lists.
  • To demonstrate how to customize a browse list's appearance.
  • To demonstrate the various manipulation techniques associated with browse lists.
  • To achieve these objectives, you must complete the following:

  • Step 1. Create Page Component for Function iiiFN11
  • Step 2. Test Changes
  • Step 3. Create Graphic Variable for Browse List
  • Step 4. Test Changes
  • Step 5. Customize Browse List
  • Step 6. Test Changes
  • Step 7. Add Table Tags Around Browse List
  • Step 8. Test Changes
  • Step 9. Add Column Headings To Browse List
  • Step 10. Test Your Functions
  • Summary