Step 3. Enter valid data into your browser.

1.  Switch to your browser.

Enter a value of ADM in the search field and press the Next key to submit the function.

Your iiiFN07 will be executed once again.

2.  Switch to the 5250 display screen you have nominated. 

     You should see the standard LANSA debug interface. 

     Simply press Enter.  (The *FIRST options will automatically take the first function in the debug process.)

3.  Select Debug Interactively and press Enter.

4.  Your previous break points should be selected. If not, press F20 again. 

     Your variables IO$STS and RENTRY should already be selected. If they are not, then select them again.

5.  Notice the value of  RENTRY is still a Y.  This value was set when the function executed the first time. The value was stored in the hidden values. 

     Press Enter to move to next break point in the function.

     You will be able to watch the function as it selects the data from the file and prepares the output screen.

6.  Press Enter until the function terminates and an IBM i signon is displayed.

7.  Switch to your browser. You should see the list of sections displayed.