Important Observations

  • The Web Skeleton can be used to modify the appearance of all function pages under a specific process.
  • A function must be recompiled so that the HTML is regenerated in order for the Web Skeleton changes to take effect.
  • The new Web Skeleton simply omitted the STD_FOOTER from all Web functions in iiiPROC03. This change cannot be made using the Wizard. It cannot be done manually, but it would require editing the HTML for each function. When a change is required to all functions, the Web Skeleton is a good solution.
  • Tips & Techniques

  • The Web Skeleton is usually modified at the partition level to give all pages in the partition the same look and feel.
  • NEVER modify the default Web Skeleton. When a new version of LANSA is installed, the default Web Skeleton could be changed.
  • What I Should Know

  • What the Web Skeleton is.
  • How the Web Skeleton is used by LANSA when generating the HTML for a function.
  • How to create and edit a process level Web Skeleton.
  • How to change the appearance of your Web pages using the Web Skeleton.