Step 5. Test your Functions

In this step, you will retest your functions after creating the iiiPROC03_HIDDEN page. Notice that you do not need to recompile your functions or edit any of the function HTML.

1.  Execute your function iiiPROC04/iiiFN10. 

     Enter iiiMYLOG as your login ID (where iii is your course assigned ID) and press the Login button.

2.  Select a department and press the Search button.

     Notice that the value of iiiLOGIN is now returned to the iiiFN07 function.

3.  View the HTML source for the iiiFN07 function.

     Notice that iiiLOGIN field has been passed as a hidden field.

4.  Re-execute your iiiFN10 Request login function. 

     Enter a different value for the login and press Login.

     Notice that the new value is passed.