Step 2. Modify iiiPROC03_STDHEADER

In this step, you will modify the HTML for iiiPROC03_STDHEADER to use a dynamic component based on the contents of the iiiLOGIN field. When iiiLOGIN has a value of iiiMYLOG, it will include the component you created in Step 1. Create a New Page Component.

1.  Using the Web Function Editor, open the iiiPROC03_STDHEADER (where iii is your course assigned ID).

2.  Insert the bolded lines which will simply add a heading to the page:

<!--                                                   -->

<!--               LANSA WEB                           -->

<!--               Standard Header                     -->

<!--                                                   -->



<H4> iii LANSA Web Applications</H4>


Your login entered was:  <RDML MERGE="iiiLOGIN">







3.  Save the document.