Step 5. Modify Function iiiFN07

In this step, you will make changes to function iiiFN07. First, you will change the browse list name from iiiLIST to iiiLIST1 so that you can customize the appearance of this specific browse list using the Web Functions Wizard . Next, you will define an iiiLNK field which will be added to the list of Sections browse list. This field will be used for the link component iiiLNK to call the Employee list function. Finally, you will add the DEPTMENT and iiiLNK fields to the browse list.

1.  Working with your iiiPROC03 process, edit the function named iiiFN07 Display Sections in Department. 

2.  Using the find and change facilities in the RDML editor, change all occurrences of iiiLIST to iiiLIST1.

3.  Add a DEFINE statement for the iiiLNK field as follows:




4.  Add the field DEPTMENT with an attribute of *HIDDEN to your browse list (now called iiiLIST1).  Also add your new field iiiLNK with an attribute of *NOID to your browse list. Also, change the number of entries allowed for the list to 9999.  The RDML code should appear as follows:




5.  Exit and save your RDML function.

6.  Compile your function.