Important Observations

  • Creating a page component is one way of enhancing the appearance of any page.  You can use them stand alone or inside other components.
  • The <RDML MERGE="@BLiiiEMPLST  "> tag is very important when customizing a browse list. LANSA dynamically generates the browse list HTML so you cannot edit it directly. By using Web page components, and by knowing the list content, you can control the browse list presentation.
  • The graphical variable*LW3BL_iiiEMPLST is very important. The *NOBPCIT settings allow you to customize the browse list presentation as described in Step 7 and 9.
  • The iiiBL11 Web page component allows you to control the browse list presentation. You can add images (as in the case of the iiiIMAGE component) or you can change the order that the information is presented. It is very important to note that the iiiIMAGE component works because PHONEBUS is a hidden field in the browse list. PHONEBUS contains the data required by the iiiIMAGE component.
  • The use of the two DISPLAY statements is very important to this technique. Only the first DISPLAY is executed when the function is called. However, the data defined in the browse list of the second DISPLAY will be exchanged with the function.


  • Once the iiiBL11 Web page component was inserted into the browse list, the browse list definition was altered so that all fields were made to be hidden and the iiiIMAGE component was removed. The iiiIMAGE field was included directly in the iiiBL11 component.
  • DEF_LIST  NAME(#iiiEMPLST) FIELDS((#iiiBL11 *NOID)(#EMPNO *HIDDEN) (#GIVENAME *HIDDEN) (#SURNAME *HIDDEN)(#PHONEBUS *HIDDEN)) ENTRYS(9999)                                                



    Tips & Techniques

  • The browse list customization technique described in this exercise is a very common method of enhancing the presentation of your Web functions.
  • What I Should Know

  • How to build a browse list inside a Web page component.
  • How to customize a browse list.