3.9 Debugging using IBM i Batch Debug

LANSA allows your RDML functions to be debugged in batch on the IBM i. This feature requires the use of an IBM i display device that is not currently signed on.

To invoke batch debugging of your RDML functions, you would extend the URL syntax discussed above to include:



<device> is the name of the IBM i display device;

<message_queue> is the name of the message queue you wish to use.

The <device> and <message_queue> parameters are optional. If you do not specify a display device, the debugging information will be directed to any active display device on your network.

Your LANSA functions must be compiled for debugging purposes to use this option.

For example, if you want to debug the MYFUNC function in the MYPROC process in the DEM partition, your URL might appear as follows:


Note: It is very important that the device specified is not allocated. Make sure that no one is signed on to the device.


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